About Us

TeachTek Solutions provides a diverse set of training programs for people of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Through our training technologies, you can experience various levels of learning and while managing the rigors of daily life. We are committed to balancing your need for new technology with the training necessary for you to succeed in this growing technical world.

Our training components are designed and implemented by experts in software development, networking, desktop publishing, and multimedia.

TeachTek’s main mission is to provide training vehicles to enhance minds.

The Leadership

Harold G. Waterman
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As the overall leader of TeachTek Solutions, Harold is in charge of setting the key objectives of the business and building strong technology training programs. Harold is an expert training specialist and has experience working with individuals, groups, and businesses.

Harold is also a Professor of Computer Technologies at Anne Arundel Community College. He holds a bachelors degree from Wagner College and a masters degree in Public Administration from New York University.

Alex Shaw III
Chief Technology Officer

TeachTek’s technology initiatives are set by Alex. He also provides training solutions based on company objectives. Alex started using computers at twelve years of age and has extensive experience in developing web analytic tools, training components, and software tools for spreadsheet analysis and presentation technologies.

Key Affiliates and Partners
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