Doing Crappy Work is not Good for You or Your Team

Stop doing crappy work!

Doing crappy work not only looks bad on you, but it can impact the team as a whole. Moreover, it can ruin your reputation and hinder your chances for future employment or business. Of course, this all depends on the amount of times you mess up. If you give garbage work once in a while and it could be fixed, then people may overlook your mess. However, if your work continues to be crappy, then people may not want to work with you.

Crappy Work Example in Action

So, I once did creative work for a major marketing company. A client sent us a job, asking us to make a page look better. My coworker took the job and said they can get it done in one hour. On the whole, it was a reasonable estimate. And, my coworker actually got it done a little less than an hour. Unfortunately, it did not necessarily improve the client’s original work. Do not get me wrong, it did not look bad. But, it also did not satisfy the client.

Put Effort in Your Work

Now, crappy work is not just about the look of the final. It is also about the work you put in and the overall effort. In total, your goal in any work should leave your client in a better place.

Coworker’s Solution

For my coworker, they should had done two samples. And, this would mean adding more time to the original estimate. So, the first sample would be basic, like in my colleague’s work. In the second sample, you would get a little fancier. Maybe show your stuff.

In addition, before starting the job, our coworker should had asked us for suggestions. Or, they could had done a quick search of sample designs over the Internet. After that, apply your work to the design.

Keep Working Towards Success

Overall, if you put in the effort, then people will not see crappy work. Instead, they will see someone willing to do that extra work to achieve success. Now, some people will not care. But, you will feel better within and will motivate you. And, perhaps it will make you more money or even land you a promotion or a new job.

No more crappy work!

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