Starting a Blank Workbook in Microsoft Excel

Starting a Blank Workbook in Microsoft Excel

Starting a blank workbook in Microsoft Excel is fairly simple. This is a super fast quick tip. So fast that all you really have to do is press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N.

Well, that shortcut works in most cases. However, if it does not work, then you can do it the long way. That is pretty fast too.

Steps to Starting a Blank Workbook in Excel

For the purpose of this quick tip, we use Microsoft Excel 2016. But, it should work on most versions of Excel.

Follow the steps below to start a blank document in Excel.

The Steps

Step 1: Open File Dialog Box
Open File Dialog Box
  1. From the Excel menu bar, click File.
Step 2: Create a New Blank Workbook
Create a New Blank Workbook
  1. From the sidebar menu, click New.
  2. On the right side of the sidebar, look for and click the Blank workbook thumbnail.



So, take a look at this beautiful blank canvas. Now, you can start doing some great work.

Again, we know it is fairly easy to start a new document in almost any app. On the other hand, odd things happen on the computer sometimes. And, you never know what settings are applied on your computer.

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