The Three D’s of Success in Everything You Do

The Three Ds of Success in Everything You Do

I first learned about the three D’s of success while playing high school basketball. Basically, it was a concept by my coach. And, there is no telling where he got it from. However, it made since and sounded great. Especially, when it is said in a motivational tone.

Three D’s of Success

So, if you want to be successful, then you must have the three D’s. These D’s are desire, discipline, and dedication. In total, they will bring you success. But what if you only have one or two or the three. Does that make you loser? I do not know. It just seems kind of difficult to have all three at the same time. Then again, if you look at it under a single sport, then I could understand the concept.

For example, track and field is a very exciting sport. Especially, the running, in my opinion. Just about all the athletes are in shape. And, when a runner wins a race, you have to wonder if they had all the D’s of success. I think there’s no way they are winning a race without all three.

Let’s take a deeper look at the three D’s of success.

Desire, Discipline, and Dedication

Below are my interpretations of desire, discipline, and dedication.


You have to want it.


Maintain a strict approach to training, learning, or working.


To be locked in and committed.

Based on my quasi definitions, you can bet that the runner had the three D’s. However, you can have it too. And, it does not have to be just in sports.

Finally, you just have to apply the three D’s of success to anything you do.


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