View a Chart by Rows or by Columns in Excel

View a Chart by Rows or Columns in Excel

In this super quick tip, we show you how to view a chart by rows or columns in Excel.

Switch Rows or Columns to View a Chart Differently

Sometimes, when you create a chart, you may need to switch how the chart reads the data. Meaning, a chart may look at the data going across for each series. However, you may want the chart to look at the data going down for each series.

By the way, we do not show you the data, for this tip because we literally do not touch the data.

Well, Excel has a quick way for you to switch from rows to columns.

The Quick Steps

For the purpose of this quick tip, we used Microsoft Excel 2016. However, these steps should work for other versions of Excel.

Follow the steps below to view a chart by rows or columns.

Step 1: Select Your Chart
Select Your Chart
  1. So, click anywhere on your chart.
Step 2: Switch Row or Column
Switch Row or Column
  1. From the Chart Tools menu, click Design.
  2. Under Design, click Switch Row/Column.


View a chart final.

Finally, there you go. Do you see the difference? Basically, take a look at the x-axis and legend. They are now swapped. And, you did not have to rearrange the data.

Also, to switch back, just follow them same steps again.

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